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Housing Harmonized Accident & Sickness Information.

Housing Your Harmonized Licensing Material

Recordings and Screenshots of the full A&S webinar. Available only by purchase or enrolment into an A&S seminar.
This course contains the requisite information for insurance agents in Ontario to obtain their license to service and sell property and casualty insurance products.
Storage for screenshots, handouts, etc., from the LLQP webinar.
For the Britton Baseshop.
The webinar recordings and handouts for the mutual funds boot camp.
Recordings for CLU 236
Three days of CHS 504 covering group insurance, LTC, and CI.
A six-day course covering estate planning and preparing students for the CLU 237 final exam.
Information related to CLU 235:  Taxation.
Information related to RHU 303, concentrating largely on Disability Insurance.

This course houses the materials supporting the BCC's Core Curriculum. 

Housing dated audio-only recordings for CFP 

Housing files for 2016

Housing all content related to the 2015 Summer Capstone Course. 

Capstone Foremost Microsoft Excel Skills Workshop

This course houses the multiple choice questions that students must complete in order to pass the quiz portion of the Capstone course.

All 3 practice exams

This is the information required for testing on CFP exam FPE 1.

Certified Financial Plannertm course materials.

Certified Financial Plannertm course materials.
Certified Financial Plannertm course materials.
Participation Quiz for Addressing Conflict of Interest Webinar
This course houses CE presentations given at BCC events.
This leveraging course will help you to understand leveraged transactions. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging your understanding of the appropriate use of leverage.
Exams 1&2 for SeeWhy Students with the Webinar included.
Exams 1 & 2 for SeeWhy Students with no supplemental material.
This is the FPE 3 Exam 1 with webinar.
This course includes the questions and responses for the first 10 FPE 2 cases.
The second of three courses including practice case studies for FPE 2.
The third set of cases for FPE 2 Prep.